Takaful Cerdik (Education Plan)

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Takafulink Cerdik

How Does The TAKAFULINK CERDIK Plan Work for My Children?

Protect The Education and Well Being of Your Children’s Future Takafulink Cerdik plan is a fixed contribution investment link plan that matures when your child reaches 25 years of age. This plan does not only give protection for the education and well-being of your children, it is also flexible enough to satisfy you and your child’s changing needs from time to time. Now you can give your child two very valuable gifts – education and protection – via this unique plan’s innovative combination.


Anyone who has children age between age 2 weeks and 15 years old are eligible or the plan. Parents will own the certificate and match the plan for the benefit of their children.

How do I start?

First, determine your children’s protection needs, such as their basic cover and other optional and supplemental benefits. Then, decide on an affordable amount to set aside every month.

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